Hat Yai, Thailand

image After arriving in Kuala Lumpar, we were on the next flight to the Northern Malaysian town of Alor Setar. When we arrived here we soon found out that our luggage hadn’t made the trip with us. After a nasi goreng breakky while waiting for the AirAsia office to open, the staff let us know that they had tracked down our bags and that they would be sent to our next destination- Hat Yai. image image Not having our bags with us worked out quite well because we crossed the Malaysia/Thailand border on foot, and it was hot! We caught a local mini bus to Hat Yai, we had no idea what to expect from this unknown Thai town listed as a “do not travel” destination. However, we were pleasantly surprised by this busy little town, with no real attractions or aesthetic appeal, HOWEVER…. the random markets which sell all the things you could never need, the endless delicious street food and the lack of “fallang” (thai for foreigners as you will soon learn in a place like this) is what was the real attraction of Hat Yai is. image image We were lucky enough to be in Hat Yai for the Thai festival “Loy Krathong” which literally means “floating crown”. The festival is held at a big temple just out of town, where these beautifully decorated floating crowns can be baught from just about every second street vendor. A prayer is said by individuals and their crowns  are released onto the water. It was also quite comical watching some locals trying to light lanterns to be released into the sky… Later on in the evening we watched dozens of lanterns floating in the sky from a distance, it was really spectacular. image image The highlight so far has been the street food! Curries, beef noodle soup, my favourite: larb gai- finely ground chicken with a lot of basil and a heap of chillies! An honourable mention must also go to mango sticky rice… This stuff is a must try in Thailand! Fruit is readily available on every street corner, you pick what you like and they chop it up for you and put it in a little bag with a wooden pokie stick to be consumed as fresh as possible! Also, iced coffee and Scott’s favourite Thai iced tea “chai yen” is everywhere. image image Next up we’re heading to Koh Tarutao, an island national park in the south of Thailand for some snorkelling and relaxing on the beach! There are about three islands in this area to explore so we’ll probably move between the three. This is also where we’ll be for Scott’s birthday:-) image

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